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We, the entire body of believers, of ROLW desire to be nurtured and guided by the Word of God, that we may impact the community through His undeniable seal, which is His love. Through God's love, we endeavor to transform lives, which

will transform communities that we

all may experience the overwhelming joy of a purposeful life.



Rivers of living Water is dedicated to introducing the Kingdom of God to all who are willing to hear the good news of Christ Jesus, by sharing the love of God, through word and deed, believing for the results of changed and improved lives.


Room to Grow

Life has many facets that are amazing to me. One of the marvels of technology and science, we can get an up close view of things we would not normally see in nature. The process of all types of creatures that develop from birth to maturity and the growing process in which they evolve is fascinating. The human species is no different than other creatures in this process. God, in His majestic wisdom set a course for each human to develop into a man or a woman by giving each room to grow.

A baby will let the expectant mother know that it is time for me to leave the confines of the womb and venture out into this new world by tearing open the water sac that has been its home for about nine months. When the water breaks, the child is saying I have out grown this environment and it is time to move. In Exodus the second chapter, we find the parents of Moses faced with a dilemma, created by Pharaoh, who had decreed that all male children should be thrown in the river. When they saw Moses was a good child, one that didn't cry much, they were able to hide him for three months, but the time came for Moses to move to the next stage that God had for him. No longer able to hide Moses, his mother put him in a basket and put it by the bank of the river among the reeds (the right place). Found by Pharaoh's daughter (the right person to spare his life), when she came to bathe in the river (the right time), Moses entered the next stage of his growing process by becoming the son of Pharaoh's daughter. Being linked to Pharaoh, Moses was now able to get the best education and training needed for the purpose God had for his future.

We must not neglect the various stages, the people and places that have afforded us room to grow. We are a conglomerate of our past. Instead of fighting where we come from, we should reflect on the lessons learned from the ups and the downs, the humiliation and the honor, the pokes and the promotions. Know that we are not a finished product, but there is still Room to Grow.

 Bishop Hollis Hall