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We, the entire body of believers, of ROLW desire to be nurtured and guided by the Word of God, that we may impact the community through His undeniable seal, which is His love. Through God's love, we endeavor to transform lives, which

will transform communities that we

all may experience the overwhelming joy of a purposeful life.



Rivers of living Water is dedicated to introducing the Kingdom of God to all who are willing to hear the good news of Christ Jesus, by sharing the love of God, through word and deed, believing for the results of changed and improved lives.


A Gift From God

Have you ever desired an item, whether a gadget, tool, outfit, vehicle, etc. for a long time and you finally saved enough, took the time to purchase said item only to find, after opening the package that it was flawed or damaged. What do you do? Do you use it as is or do you send it back. I know this season is about the "Gift of God" to us, His only son, Jesus, but in reading Matthew 1:18-25, I cannot help but try to view the news Mary, mother of our Lord, gave Joseph from his perspective. As we recall, they were in present terms, engaged to be married. During this time period, engagement was just as binding as the marriage, so you can imagine the hurt Joseph felt as his anticipation of a lifetime of love now shattered by the revelation that his soon to be bride was now "with child," knowing he was not the father. 

The law demanded that she be made an example to others and be stoned to death, but Joseph being a just man and still in love with her, wanted to put her away privately. The scriptures says that while he contemplated these things, God spoke. Joseph, don't be afraid to take your wife, just let me use what is mine to bring forth a savior, and when I give her back to you, she will be customized just for you. Your waiting will be worth it. Joseph trusted God, and instead of stoning her, or sending what he thought was tainted merchandise back, he took Mary as his wife, and patiently waited on God to fulfill His assignment through her. Not only that, but as the man, Joseph became protector of the Word made flesh. When Herod wanted to destroy the child, Joseph heard God and went into Egypt. For this Joseph according to Matthew 13:54-56 had four sons and also some daughters, gifts from God, but one of the best gifts to Joseph was Mary, who was highly favored, and blessed of the Lord, who God chose for one of the greatest assignments in the earth, giving birth to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

If what we have goes through the Master's hand, no matter what it seems now, let God finish the process that when we become stewards over it, it will be customized just for us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

 Bishop Hollis & Lady Marie Hall  and the entire Rivers family.