He was not that light, but was sent to bear witness of the true light. The year was 1958, and a little pre-mature baby boy was in a small town hospital in Freeport, Texas fighting for life. Born weighing a little over four pounds, and the medical technology progressing at a snail's pace, many were wondering if this child would make it. Over four decades later, the little boy matured into the man many call the "Preacher's Preacher" Bishop Hollis Wayne Hall.


Raised in church all his life, during a time when Sunday School and Morning Worship was not an option, but expected, Bishop Hall learned early about the goodness and power of God. These early experiences, with God and God's people, enable this man of God to discern between the real worship and some of the fake worship of our day. The "Preacher's Preacher," Bishop Hall has a unique way of making the Word of God plain to those that have a heart to receive, through the leading of the Spirit of God.


Bishop Hall started preaching in 1985, and began his pastoral ministry in December of 1988, at the Back To God Revival Church. Ministers have been blessed to organize and pastor successful churches after being under the leadership and teaching of this man of God.

In December of 2001, God led Bishop Hall to plant a work in Bay City, Texas and the Rivers of Living Water Outreach Ministries were born. In March of 2002, God elevated Bishop Hall into the apostolic call of overseeing pastors and churches, and he was officially consecrated on March 16, 2002 at the Back To God Revival Church in Freeport, with Apostle A. S. Johnson as the Presiding Bishop.


In March of 2008, Bishop Hall resigned from the Back To God Revival Ministries, and has devoted his time to Rivers of Living Water Outreach in Bay City, Texas. He is also Apostle and Overseer over Kingdom Fellowship Ministries in Houston, Texas, Full Gospel Deliverance in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Shield of Faith Ministries in Hammond, Louisiana, not to mention the countless Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Ministers that count this man of God faithful and true, that they seek spiritual counsel and advise to help during this up hill journey.

 Bishop Hall is married to Lady Marie Hall, who is co-laborer, with him in ministry. Called to pastor less than a year after they were married, together they have matured into a team to battle for the kingdom of God on all fronts. Son, James David, daughter, Rachel Marie and grandchildren Benjamin James Hall, Samuel David Hall and Naomi LaRie Wyche, bring Bishop and Lady Marie joy and thankfulness to God, who has blessed them with wonderful children and grandchildren.


The "Bishop" encourages you to keep him and his family in prayer because he knows the prayers of the righteous are the hidden pillars that hold up the minister and the ministry.

Bishop Hollis W. Hall