We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

Who Can Partner?

We invite anyone interested in partnering with us in any of the ways mentioned, to contact us at the church:

Mailing Address: PO Box 367, Bay City, TX 77414 or emailing us at: rolwbaycity@att.net


Benefits of Becoming a Partner

There are several benefits to becoming a partner with our organization. First, you will feel like you are not in this spiritual fight alone, but that there are others, fighting with you on this same spiritual battlefield. You will feel a sense of worth, because your efforts are going towards the betterment of another one of God's children. Finally you will feel that I am a part of something that seems to be making a difference, when you see and hear the true life testimonies of lives being changed. Our partners are those that have a common interest in the work of the ministry and are willing to fight to further the cause of the GOSPEL.

How Can You Partner?

You can partner with us in one of several ways:

First - If you are in the area, you can become a part of our fellowship by committing to and following the guidelines given in our new members handbook or you just may want to volunteer and help out in one or more of the different ministies that are offered


Secondly -  You can partner with us in prayer. One can put a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight. Your prayers will help us gain and feel strenght to accomplish the assignments that God has given us to do.


Thirdly - You can partner with us by sowing financial seeds to help us accomplish our mission of ministering to the needs of those that need a hand up to aid them on life's journey.