Getting My "Do" Together

No, not your hair-do. Matthew recorded an account of Jesus in Matthew 21:28-31, of a father who had two sons. He asked them both to go work in his vineyard. The first said no, but afterwards repented and went to work while the second said I will but never went. Many times the Saviour ask us to "do" for him, but for some reason it goes undone. I've learned over the years that the relationship we have with others determine our willingness to do for them.

Stranger - If a stranger asked you to do something, because there is no connection with the person, other than being a human being, there is no obligation to help. Even as Christians, our willingness to do for a stranger will mainly depend on timing. Do I have the time to stop and help.

Acquaintance - Though I know you, "I don't know you like that" for you to be asking me to do a task for you and I feel obligated to do it. I'll do for you if I have time.

Supervisor - When asked by a supervisor, on a job, to do a task, because I'm getting paid, I am obligated to do what I've been asked to do. The consequences of not doing the task outweigh my laziness. No paycheck means, no food, no car, no insurance, no shelter, so though I may not want to do the task, if it's what I've been hired to do, I should do it. The caveat to that is, when asked by a supervisor to do something against my principles, my faith and core values, my core values are more important than dealing with the stain of a guilty conscience.

Love One - When asked by a love one to do a task, the sense of obligation should be gone. I do because of the love and desire to please my love one.

Which of these really describe your willingness to do for God? Maybe He is a stranger and you feel no obligation to do for him. Maybe He is just an acquaintance that if you have time from your busy schedule then you'll do for him. Perhaps you see God as just your supervisor, where because He's the boss, I'm obligated to come to church, pay my tithes, treat others right . Not because I want to, but because  if I disobey I want get paid my starry crown. I pray you do for Him because you really, really love Him, and desire to please Him.

Our relationship with God will dictate my willingness to do what he has asked me to do.

Maybe, just maybe, I need to get my "do" together.